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A case for terminal punctuation

The key is knowing how tools work, whether a job takes physical strength or mouse clicks. I used the latter to find a handyman. My needs were simple.

  • Loosen shower handle so that it turns easily.
  • Adjust shower doors so that they slide fully from end to end.
  • Align bi-folding doors and adjust hinge hardware.

An online rating service helped pinpoint the ideal handyman. In describing the smallish job, I learned the estimate would cost the minimum charge. Exactly two hours later I was a pleased customer. My turn now to rate the worker.

When you can’t be sure how content will be presented use terminal punctuation. Omitting punctuation in a text box could display something unexpected. While the feedback form let me list a few items, the online version de-itemized the list.
text box word clump

By Pam Drucker

Documentation specialist, procedures writer

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