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Time to renew

Kiss this decade goodbye.

It was a tough year whether you worked or not. iTunes, for one, has not seen much spending from this customer. But I’m less worried about Apple. On the other hand the professional society I belong to went splaaat. A financial shortfall almost closed the doors.

Chapter members heard countless pleas to financially assist the society and responded with a.) ways to keep the society afloat, and b.) reasons to cut bait.

Canadian STC chapters get fewer benefits – no discounted insurance programs, no salary survey covering this country, no directorship, and lots fewer Canadian job postings. We are losing our pass-through dividend and probably lots of members too due to the dues increase.

More money for fewer services. I’ve gone back and forth – to fish or cut bait.

Traditions and resolutions get the better of me. I’m reviving our 1990’s practice of ringing in the new with a cup of warm sake.

And I’ll renew my STC membership for 2010 for the price of three artists complete sets on iTunes.

Happy New Year’s Day.

By Pam Drucker

Documentation specialist, procedures writer

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