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Hearing that educated women have fewer healthier children seems questionable sure, but the reporter understood the subject’s context. This Q&A is from an article in Rotman Magazine, an interview with economist, Michael Spence.
Q Why is it so important for developing countries to focus on educating young girls and integrating them into the labour force as a way to break intergenerational cycles of poverty:
A Educated women have fewer, healthier children; they have them later in life…

The comma means ‘and’; fewer and healthier children, no question.

Report style v Q&A style

The Global Health Council addresses the same subject in a report on Girls’ Education: A Self-Sustaining Investment in Children’s and Women’s Health.

Educated girls:

  • Delay marriage and first pregnancy
  • Have fewer low-birthweight babies and healthier newborns
  • Have smaller families

Same issue. Different presentation style. Know the context. Say it right.

By Pam Drucker

Documentation specialist, procedures writer

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