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Be the flywheel

From time to time I’m asked to talk to groups about career exploration and career development. One thing I accept about longevity in any career is harnessing the energy that feeds it. I use the flywheel to represent that provider of continuous energy. Let me explain…

One’s journey might begin by envisioning an industry you want to work in or adopt as your role model.

To learn more, ask for an information interview. Treat it like a job interview. Gain a business connection from it. Get noticed by initiating ‘a first’, filling a deficiency and respecting connections. 
Along the way gain a body of knowledge and show authenticity while you plot a 3-year plan. As you gather momentum you will encounter conflict, friction, dead ends and deadwood. Anticipate these but keep focused on your 3-year plan. Build partnerships, credit others (blame yourself), pick great successors and remember to nurture talent.

Your accumulated effort pushed in a consistent direction will convert inertia to momentum.

Thanks to Jimmy Zimmerman for conceiving Good to Great animation, and thanks to Jim Collins for verbalizing the flywheel concept.

By Pam Drucker

Documentation specialist, procedures writer

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