“New normal” takes fresh thinking

In 2019 I experienced a life-changing event. I literally chose life over cancer. While the disease no longer exists in my bladder, it takes up space in my mind. For 2020, as I began my recovery, my new normal centred around medical appointments, self-care, and suddenly covid-19.

celebrating my new normal

I can’t add anything novel about the effects of covid or cancer. What was normal just fades away. This year, I’ve adjusted to living without a bladder. Today’s celebrations are what we make them. So the gift of a catheter bouquet is a normal choice.


Something unusual about standard time

Canada and the US have 4 common time zones and 2 uncommon ones. In Canada’s eastern provinces, broadcasters tell listeners to stay tuned for news at 6:00 pm Atlantic/6:30 pm Newfoundland.

China standardizes on a single time zone, UTC/GMT +8:00 hours, while geographically, it covers 5 zones.

Kathmandu is +5:45 hours ahead (UTC+05:45)

The funny thing about Coordinated Universal Time is that when you include all the offsets like Newfoundland Time, the zones total more than 24.

UTC time zones

Preview publishing comes with a 5 day wait

Over the weekend I re-launched Shorter Documents. It’s been four years since my last post. What event sparked this revival? Re-ordering business cards. The systems for combing through hundreds of designs made choosing them pleasing. By deciding to use my business email I resolved to make better use of my blog. And here we are.

Getting down to business

Decision 1, put on cards. Decision 2, choose a modern look. Decision 3, apply look to whole package.

Alas, I could hardly wait for the little box to arrive by postal mail.

For now I’m happy that my cards somewhat go with my theme. My focus remains on documentation and making information work.